❧Sissy Exposure ❧


It may be the first time ever where a cute fem boi has decided to just be him(her)self and follow through with something like this. And I’m going to have fun with it. Presents, sex, and attention…..well that….and there will be quite a few, I’m sure, there just to watch me get humiliated & emasculated. …..I say…if it’s not hurting anyone, than why not!

I have set up a donation, because in order to carry out this venture, I have given up a 6 figure job, my relationship, and home. So, lets have some fun, and when the donation goal has been met, there should be enough on me to “consensually” blackmail me into being outed…or owned..lol….We shall see!. As I said I am not working now, so anything helps, and is Greatly Appreciated!!

Stay Tuned