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Join me as i accept the challenge of a blackmail-styled game which was never to be won.

The Endless Humiliation of Sissy Sophie's Feminization.

Since I was a young teen I can remember going through my mother's and sister's underwear drawer, to lust over the first feminizing fantasy recollection I can remember. I would lock myself in the bathroom for hours jerking on my newly discovered best friend. All through middle school and high school, the closest I ever got to real pussy was the soft touch of my mothers delicately worn bikini, which in it self does not arouse me, but looking back, I realize that since my first erection, even right now as I type my confessional story, that I have always seen myself as a fem-boi.
I would often masturbate wondering if i was a late bloomer. "How had I never felt this before?", I told my self, "... this amazing wave of pleasure,"...that I would one day learn was called an orgasm.
Then it occurred to me. What if there is someone who has not experienced this amazing feeling..Of course!!!! I could be that fem-boi who could masterfully handle a cock and be able to share that same "....ahhhhhhh" feeling with other boys my age.
Of course, these were just thoughts that would never be carried out and surely forgotten......
How I was wrong...I should have submitted to the urges then...And this is where our interactive story will begin.